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One of the greatest advantages of low code tools is that they let developers build at scale without incurring heavy costs or consuming too much time. Automation apps, mission critical systems and mobile apps can all be successfully created with low code software. Low code doesn't replace developers, in fact, it liberates them from their most dreaded tasks allowing them to focus on what makes them truly valuable. Forbes recently published an article around the future of software and McKinsey believes developer velocity is critical to the success of organizations.

Digineer stands at the forefront of helping IT departments integrate Low Code tools into their toolbox. We have partnered with OutSystems.

OutSystems is a modern application platform for building enterprise-class applications fast, right and for the future. OutSystems uses visual, model-driven development, AI-powered tools across the entire application lifecycle, and a cloud-native platform. With our platform, customers build custom software that makes the difference, such as application modernization, workplace innovation, process automation, and customer experience transformation.

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Innovation and teamwork are core values at Digineer and our partnership with OutSystems is an excellent alignment. Combining our ability to integrate solutions into complex IT departments in large organizations with the proven software of OutSystems is a total win. Let us help you achieve the benefits of low code into your current alignment.

The benefits of OutSystems Low-Code software are immense.

High-performance low-code development is an approach to creating software with radical productivity and exceptional app experiences designed for continuous evolution and change.

While low code is a growing software development approach for creating apps fast, high-performance low-code blends power and speed with security and scale, allowing IT leaders and developers to build, deploy and manage applications that can transform their business.

The OutSystems high-performance low-code platform is designed to unleash innovation from across an organization – whether large enterprises or small-to-medium businesses – enabling them to build serious applications that solve their biggest business challenges.

OutSystems is not your average low code.

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