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Enterprise Program Execution provides clear and organized strategy for executing on your project while defining everyone's role thus eliminating confusion. Having a program execution plan keeps your team aligned and focused increasing onefficiency, reducing costs creating better visibility and better project outcomes.

This type of complex project management definitely has its challenges; miscommunication, misalignment, competing resources and missed deadlines top the list at what's holding organizations back from successful execution and completion. Leaders of these projects on a company wide scale are faced with myriad road blocks.

From a 2020 Forbes article only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management … (and) … only 23% of organizations use standardized project management practices across the entire organization.”

Digineer has a proven track record at diagnosing the barriers, finding and communicating with clarity and achieving goals giving these leaders a win.

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At Digineer our core values, one of which is trust, are the foundation to our success. Enterprise Program Execution depends on building trust throughout the process. Our proven methodologies combined with our ability to flex has made Digineer adept at creating alignment and gaining buy from leaders and contributors alike. We confidently and compassionately co-create and lead our clients to the solutions they need to move their organizations forward.