Healthcare-Business Transformation

Client & Situation

An Enterprise-wide technology program to replace a large healthcare's legacy call center systems used globally to support over 90 business units and in excess of 60,000 service agents had major issues including a distressed program that was behind schedule and over budget and a global team of over 800 teammates that were feeling pressured, disheartened and unsuccessful.


Employee Engagement Score Increase

4.7 of 5.0

Employee Satisfaction


Migrated system users

Client Challenges

After reorganizing the program, rebuilding the leadership team the client needed a partner that could help execute the following

1. Streamline deployment processes and quality assurance.

2. Re-align and reallocate resources for issue tracking and resolution

3. Develop an express platform for onboarding

4. Develop new peak season processes and communication protocols

5. Improve the team's culture and leadership

Client Outcomes

Digineer helped the client achieve the following

1. Rebuilt trust with the business units we served

2. Employee engagement scores increased by 22%

3. Employee satisfaction scores increased significantly to a 4.7 out of 5 .

4. Successfully migrated 39,000 users with "express migration" migrating over 4,000 users in the first year

5. The redesign of the peak season processes has now become the business as usual gold standard

What We Do

Business Transformation: OCM *, Process Improvement * Culture and Talent Optimization

Business Transformation