The Story

Our client was working with a pre-defined delivery date to migrate the entire company off an outdated technology platform and onto a new one within the year. The organization had been unsuccessfully working on this initiative for 10 years

$1.2 Million

in licensing cost savings


Data delivery and reporting


Data Servers and data security

Team Work

The Digineer team broke down the work into manageable pieces and introduced and executed a Commitment Based Management model allowing the entire organization to deliver more effectively, reduce waste, and accelerated the delivery of the migration


The Migration deliverables were achieved on time. Digineer also helped create a positive "whatever it takes" culture building trust and a work environment that each member enjoyed being a part of the team

"Because of the way the Digineer team led this work what seemed impossible became possible. They delivered on a commitment that every stakeholder became part of and that was a remarkable and proud milestone for the company

Director of Operations