The Story

The Client originally came to Digineer with a mission to solve what they thought was a communication problem. Working with the team we helped identify the actual mission and what was coming in the way … a lack of team collaboration and trust.

30% to 80%

Townhall Attendance


Increased Employee engagement scores


Reduced training and Onboarding time

The Action

Utilizing our leadership values we quickly built trust. Through a series of facilitated discoveries and work shops, we helped them understand the real mission, creating a new culture. In the midst of an organization that was having challenges identifying the problems, Digineer courageously aligned and gained buy in to put programs in place immediately to start the change necessary to solve this situation

The Ending/Beginning

The results Digineer turned on became apparent within a short time, not only with concrete data but also in the way team members were talking about behaving within the organization. The efforts helped the leadership team congeal creating an opportunity for continued success.

"My team would not have been able to get the amount work done this year without this engagement program. This directly tied to our success and our ability not to completely burn out as a team"

VP Human Resources